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Sailing journalist and feature writer

As well as a coach, I am a sailing journalist and feature writer. I have been writing sailing tactics and rules features for Yachts and Yachting for many years. I contribute to sailing news, technical features and boat tests for a variety other sailing magazines and publications around the world.

My expertise lies in explaining sailing tactics, racing skills and the racing rules for beginners to advanced levels, and is called upon by editors and publishers.

My technical background and tactical sailing knowledge lends to writing  technical articles, equipment reviews, user guides and manuals, including tactical compass manuals.

Writing services:

  • Boat tests
  • Columns
  • Web content
  • Digital content – video, animated graphics
  • Book authoring
  • Technical / instruction manuals

Sailing author

My book RYA Tactics has become a trusted resource for sailors and coaches alike wanting to brush up on their strategic and tactical knowledge. Find out how the experts do it!

Now in it’s second edition and an e-book with animated diagrams and videos to bring close quarters situations to life.

A new book is underway to help sailors manage their own self learning and coaching process. Whether afloat with friends or on your own, or ashore after a race there will be a plethora of practical learning and exercises you can do yourself.

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