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Sailing Tactics

Sailboat racing is often compared to the complex game of chess.  I’ve made the art of explaining sailing tactics, strategies and racing scenarios a speciality.

I have been lucky to have  accumulated a wealth of tactical expertise from my own racing and coaching career, observing and advising some of the best sailors in the World.

As regular contributor to the UK’s Yachts and Yachting, the magazine always finds my articles on sailing tactics extremely popular.

The Book – RYA Tactics

I was approached by RYA Publishing to write what is now a ‘bible’ for all keen racing sailors – RYA Tactics.  Now in it’s second edition, the book has sold worldwide.

I’m currently writing the third edition, due out this year (2017) with updated sections on rules and strategy, and new chapters on the weather, and one targeted at club racing courses.  RYA Tactics is also available as an e-book with the benefit of animations and videos to bring to life the tactical scenarios you may meet afloat.

Whether you are just starting your sailing career, sailing regularly at club level or on the circuit aiming to win the fleet Championships or Worlds, RYA Tactics has something for everyone.

Sailing tactics guru Mark Rushall discusses the thinking behind writing RYA Tactics

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