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Sailing talks and seminars

Organising sailing talks for your fleet, club or squad members is a great way to develop sailboat racing expertise. Mark Rushall’s talks and seminars will keep you learning and refreshing your sailing knowledge, even if you cannot be out there on the water.

And there’s nothing like talking about sailing rules and tactics to help promote greater understanding and reinforce the right moves.

Mark adapts his sailing talks to ensure everyone at different levels will get something out it.  His engaging style and enthusiasm will ensure everyone gets involved and has fun.

A good sailing talk can also be an excellent opportunity to organise as a social event, to keep your members engaged during long winter evenings, and the bar profits ticking!

Typical topics for sailing talks:

  • Race tactics & strategy overview
  • Tactical masterclasses
  • Racing rules overview
  • Racing rules masterclass
  • Starting techniques and rules
  • Mark rounding tactics and rules
  • Boat speed and sail controls

Arranging a Sailing Talk

Organising a sailing talk for your club, class or fleet  is very easy.

1. The Topic – decide what aspect of racing is most pertinent and likely to be a popular talk too.

  • I’ve brought lots of pictures back from Rio if you’d like an entertaining view from the inside
  • a specific subject, such as starting tactics and rules can be great for a class or club fleet talks
  • an overview of the main racing rules of sailing can be perfect for newcomers to racing or youngsters – or even many experienced sailors can appreciate a refresher on the rules!
  • for a competitive fleet an advanced masterclass session on racing tactics may get everyone thinking

2. The Dates – come up with a couple of calendar options. Weekday evenings during autumn and winter are often good timing for a sailing talk.  This can get people into your club too at a quiet time.

3. Contact us on 01243 372547 or email to discuss your requirements and book a date.

4. Promote your sailing talk in your club newsletters, emailings to members, website and social media.

5. Decide if you want to to invite members from other local clubs or fleets too and make it a very social event.

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