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Why should I get some sailing coaching?

Investing in sailing coaching is a fast and effective way to make big gains on the water.  It’s very easy to race regularly, keep repeating the same patterns of behaviour, and feel frustrated by not achieving the results you want.

My approach ensures you receive a personalised sailing coaching session tailored to the areas where you most wish to improve on the race course. Whether it is starting, downwind, tactics or tuning I will help you:

  • Clarify your skill sets and training needs
  • Make immediate performance improvements
  • Identify areas for longer term refinement

See how some of our clients have gained from their coaching.

What to expect?

Your sailing coaching session, which may be a single day or over a number of days, will be discussed and set up with you in advance.

I will work with you to review your strengths and weaknesses and develop a coaching plan. Or you may have some specific development areas in mind already that we can focus on.


To get the most out of your coaching session, I will encourage you analyse your strengths and weaknesses beforehand. Use the Rushall Sailing simple Personal Profiling Tool to review and assess the skills you wish to enhance.

Typical session structure

  • Skills analysis & goal setting
  • Pre-session briefing
  • On-water coaching + video if required
  • Off-water theory
  • De-briefing and action points
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